221 Data Co, Ltd.

We are 221 Data Service,a youthful business founded in Shanghai.We focus on the analysis and application of internet financial data,striving on independent data research and engaging in the promotion of data sharing amongst industries.In the ever-changing era of data,we aim to be a poinner of the internet industry.

1886年,在亚瑟·柯南道尔爵士的笔下,贝克街221号的福尔摩斯侦探社开张了。夏洛克·福尔摩斯曾说过:“在得到data之前就加以推测,是很严重的错误”。 Data这个古老的英语名词彼时常作事实、论据之义,在现代则多指数据、资料。今天,数据在计算机领域的重要地位为这个词汇赋予了新的含义,而数据的内涵没有改变,它依旧是事实忠实的记录,是理论厚实的根基。
Written in 1886, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s first story featuring Sherlock Holmes marks the first appearance of the great detective and his famous home located at 221B Baker Street. “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data”, Sherlock Holmes said. In the past, “data” was sometimes a synonym for “fact”, with the definition being: a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn. Nowadays, the importance of data in the computer world has enriched the meaning of this word. However, the mission of data has not changed: to record facts faithfully and therefore to help us think.
没有data就不能解决问题。这是福尔摩斯的信条,也是我们的信条。因此,在2016年,我们用大侦探的住址来命名我们的事业。我们是数据的发掘者,在信息海洋中寻找着闪光的线索。我们是数据的守护者,在时间长河中收集着历史的痕迹。我们是数据的演绎者,想常人之不能想,及常人之所不及。 我们用数据书写我们的故事。
A real problem cannot be solved without data. This is not only what Mr.Holmes believes, but is also what we believe. Therefore, we named our business after his home address. We are the detectives of the cyber world, searching for the most valuable clues. We are the protectors of data, collecting informational fragments of Internet history. We are the artists of programming. We can discern what our others cannot and we are always one step ahead of the crowd. We will write our story with data.
To make unremitting efforts to improve our capacities is the motivation of our company development. We persist in developing independent technology since the company was set up.We refuse off-the-peg solutions,but design our independent iCloud on the Spark basis.We are using Server Room of Shanghai Telecom to deliver highly effective Cloud Computing for our audiences.We are applying artificial intelligence algorithm,keeping learning high technology.We have own particular experience and understanding in Chinese Natural Language Processing.
We have elite technical team who are from inner China and outside China having high qualification and experiences in technology.Our workplace atmosphere is compiling with theoretical and practical learning and working in order to keep pace with advanced technology.We also are welcome young energetic people becoming a member of our team.

Sherlock Holmes In "A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA"
It Is A Capital Mistake To Theorize Before One Has Data.
在得到数据之前就加以推测,是很严重的错误。 - 夏洛克·福尔摩斯《波希米亚丑闻》

Our flagship product “Wookong” is an information support platform designed for institutional investors.With abundant data resources,”Wookong” is among the very first platform to analyze real-time Internet traffic in depth.”Wookong” also monitors the Internet constantly and allows its users to create personalized modules.The market is like a battlefield,and “Wookong”is definitely among the best weapons.
Data is our source of life in the cyber world. We don’t follow a beaten path, so we extract real-time data directly from Internet traffic. In 2016, we reached co-operation agreements with Internet service providers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong and Beijing. As a part of our agreements we have the exclusive right to use data in designated fields. Our data covers the Capital area, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. These are the three most developed areas in China, consisting of over 70% of upscale Internet users. We believe we can achieve success, not only because we believe in our potential, but also because we believe the quality of our data source.
From telegraphs to the Internet, new technologies always bring vitality to the financial industry. Today, we come with financial big data and a brand new way of using it. We not only provide information, but also invite our customers to share their needs. We promote data sharing amongst industries so our customers can benefit the most from big data. Along with our friends, we aim to build a next-generation financial industry.